F. K. 1857-1930

hey F.,

What do you think about the ocean?  don’t you think the ocean is the most claustrophobic place imaginable?  never are you so trapped as when you’re in the water.  i think this is true whether you’re above or below the waves.  you see, when you’re floating in the middle of nowhere on a boat, you can’t leave.  you’re stuck.  you can run as far as you want but you can’t get away.  and if the boat starts to fall apart from all the pressure you put on it and from time and wear, the circles you can run in get smaller and smaller until there’s no boat and you’re in the water.  and when you’re in the water it surrounds you and you can’t breathe and you can’t run anymore.  yet we love it so much.  i don’t think that i’ve ever seen anything as beautiful as the ocean.

affectionately yours.


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